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    Olsztyński Park Naukowo-

    ul. Władysława Trylińskiego 2
    10-683 Olsztyn
    tel. 89 612 05 00


The Olsztyn Science and Technology Park has laboratory surfaces located in two buildings, i.e. L1 and L2.


In L1 building, the companies are provided with laboratory space from 15 to 75 m2, equipped with laboratory furniture. The laboratories are designed to allow individual adaptation of the infrastructure.


In L2 building, the companies, scientific units and researches are provided with technological, molecular and chemical laboratories.


In the building, there is the Centre of Geomatic and Satellite Technology and the Centre of Propagation of Radio Waves in the Ionosphere. Due to the ultra-modern equipment, it allows to carry out research at a global level, the results of which are to be used for businesses in the development of their products and services:


the modern station of a global navigation satellite system Multi-GNSS Trimble NetR9.   The station allows to carry out research and development of measurement methods for positioning technology for RTK in real time, using the technique of rapid static measurements, satellite development, in photogrammetry and spatial information. Leaflet about GNSS

VISRC2C ionoprobe allows to carry out research in the field of permanent monitoring the ionosphere state as well as provide the companies with the following services: geophysics, physics of the ionosphere, space plasma, "space weather" and new satellite and space technology. Flyer about ionoprobe


In both buildings, the laboratory surface is integrated with common areas that are organizational facilities for scientific research and development carried out by the tenants of the Park: 8-person meeting rooms, conference halls (from 20 to 50 people) and social facilities.