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    Olsztyński Park Naukowo-

    ul. Władysława Trylińskiego 2
    10-683 Olsztyn
    tel. 89 612 05 00


Within the Olsztyn Scientific and Technology Park, two buildings (B2 and B3) were devoted to registered offices of small and medium-sized innovative companies existing on the labour market more than twelve months. These companies, which are the main source of economic development, increase innovation and competitiveness of the economy and are able to continue to develop its activities using the infrastructure of the OSTP.

The OSTP approves technological and scientific companies, the presence of which is beneficial for basic functioning of the scientific and technology park, the companies with development potential, implementing innovative solutions to the business.

It is desirable to locate in the OSTP companies running business in the industries compatible with intelligent specializations for the region of Warmia and Mazury in accordance with the Strategy of socio-economic development of Warmia and Mazury, and compatible with strategic industries in accordance with the Regional Innovation Strategy of Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship.

Within the OSTP, companies are provided with air-conditioned offices in B2 and B3 buildings. In addition, they can benefit from the following facilities:

• conference halls, rooms for business meetings and audio-visual devices,

• common surface, e.g. for the purpose of exhibition, promotional;

• equipped and furnished breakfast rooms;

• phone lines and the internet network;

• promotion of a company on the OSTP website;

• access to services around business (accounting, trainings, assistance in promotional activities, legal, tax, insurance and other advice) provided by the companies located within the OSTP;

• priority in benefiting from trainings organised by the OSTP;

• car parking.