Business incubator is a part of the Olsztyn Science and Technology Park created for newly established companies and people who plan to establish their own businesses (inter alia students, higher education graduates, employees of the academic sector), interested in the development of innovative products, services and technologies.

Characteristics of a company that may be involved in the Business Incubator of the OSTP:

1) new company,                                                                                                                  

2) its period of business operation does not exceed 12 months,

3) its owner or partners, in the case of companies that are organizational units without legal personality, they do not have the status of the owner or shareholder of other business at the same time, its operation duration exceeds 12 months,

4) its members of the Management Board, in the case of companies with legal personality, do not have the simultaneous status of the owner or shareholder of other business that period of operation of which exceeds 12 months.


The Business Incubator of the OSTP is a modern and friendly environment for doing business, preferential lease costs of furnished and equipped office space, benefits of “the door in the door” cooperation, “preferred address” for business and a wide range of accompanying support for stimulating the innovation potential of young companies as well as the transfer of technology and knowledge to the companies.

The tenants of the Business Incubator of the OSTP are provided with ready to work, i.e. furnished and equipped (computer set, multi-functions devices) and air-conditioned office space with an area of 22-30 m2, 10-person conference hall, rooms for business meetings for up to 8 people and furnished and equipped social facilities.

In order to allow the Business Incubator of the OSTP to operate, 34 offices in B1 building and 9 rooms in the part of the Business Incubator in OC building were provided.


Within the associated serviced, the OSTP offers companies of the Business Incubator access to general and specialized training and consulting services, assistance in obtaining external sources of funding to support the transfer and commercialization of technology and the protection of intellectual property rights