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Project description

European funds - for the development of Eastern Poland


The project financed from the funds of the European Union

within the European Regional Development Fund


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Business incubator, office building which is also the registered office of the Management Board of the Park with conference, exhibition and catering facilities, office and laboratory offices for companies operating in the region are investments established until 2013 in the vicinity of the Skanda lake in Olsztyn, under the signed agreement no. POPW.01.03.00-28-002/10-00 to co-finance the Project no. POPW.01.03.00-28-002/10 "Construction and opening of the Olsztyn Science and Technologicy Park". The investment cost more than 69.1 million PLN, more than € 59.7 million PLN was from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013.


The Olsztyn Science and Technology Park consists of three functional parts:


1. Technology Park - a place for companies with well-established position on the market;

2. Business Incubator - a place of business of newly established, innovative companies and support for their development;

3. Technology Transfer Centre - a place of scientific research of new technologies, their use and implementation.




Technology Park


Technology Park consists of three buildings:


• Office and Conference Building (OC) is a registered office of the Management Board of the OSTP, the building is also of conference, training and exhibition functions, which gathered around the Park have the opportunity to present the results of carried out research, experience and experiments as well as innovative products and technologies. In addition, there are suppliers of services around business (accounting, in terms of promotion, training, advisory, legal, tax, insurance and other). The building involves also social facilities to support tenants, employees and guests of the Park and conference participants in the preparation and administration of meals. The total area of the object is 3 370.00 m2, the usable area is 2 875.00 m2.


• Two office buildings (B2, B3) with registered offices of companies existing on the market for many years. These companies, which are the main source of economic development, increase innovation and competitiveness of the economy and are able to continue to develop its activities using the infrastructure of the OSTP. They are provided with air-conditioned office space with area of 22-32 m2, with access to telephone and the internet, 20-person conference hall and rooms for business meetings. The total area of buildings is 2 190.00 m2 and the usable area is 1 865.00 m2 each.




Business Incubator


Business incubator (B1 building) was designed for new companies, concentrated especially on the development of innovative products and technologies. With businesses incubator, comprehensive support is provided to conduct business - from office equipment to professional business advice. Therefore, first of all people planning to establish their own businesses (including graduates of universities) are interested in the offer. Tenants of business incubator are provided with air-conditioned, furnished and partially equipped offices with area of 22-32 m2, with telephone and the internet, 20-person conference halls and rooms for business meetings. The total area of the building is 1 860.00 m2 and the usable area is 1 575.00 m2 each.




Technology Transfer Centre


The centre consists of two office and laboratory buildings - L1 and L2. In one of the buildings (L2), there are chemical, molecular and technology laboratories as well as the Centre of propagation of radio waves in the ionosphere and the Centre of satellite positioning and navigation. In the second building (L1), there are laboratories (with areas of 15-75 m2), office rooms (15-28 m2), 20-person conference hall and rooms for business meetings. The scientific employees and students can carry out research, experiments and observations here to create modern and innovative technologies and products. The total area of each building is 1 780.00 m2 and the usable area is 1 525.00 m2 each.


The Olsztyn Science and Technology Park, as a centre aimed at improving the level of innovation and modernity of Warmia and Mazury, was constructed from materials based on modern technology, elevation boards made of architectural concrete, raster and printed glass as well as steel grids with diversified transparency and wooden components installed on steel sub-structure at a certain distance from the appropriate external walls of the buildings that form the characteristic rasters, interesting light and shadow effects, and being purely usable, shading the buildings inside areas.


Local development of the Olsztyn Scientific and Technology Park enables its further growth. It is possible to construct next office and laboratory buildings with the necessary infrastructure.  In the central part of the OSTP, covering the existing water tank, one can locate the sports, leisure and recreational facilities with conversions for sport and recreation. The Park expansion would involve the construction of sports pitches, tennis courts with stands and a view tower located in the main entrance to the OSTP (with a view of the whole developed Park and the vicinity of the Skanda Lake with surrounding green areas), as well as the construction of a restaurant connected to an area with the water tank through the terraces. For this reason, the basic function of the OSTP would be enhanced by the sports and recreational facilities, which would add the attractiveness of the area.