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    Olsztyński Park Naukowo-

    ul. Władysława Trylińskiego 2
    10-683 Olsztyn
    tel. 89 612 05 00

About us

The Olsztyn Scientific and Technology Park (OSTP) was established within the project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013. It is a budgetary unit of Olsztyn Municipality. In fact, it started operation in 2013, after the official opening on 7 November. It was formally appointed by the resolution no. XXXVIII/669/13 of Olsztyn City Council of 29 May 2013 on the establishment a budgetary unit on 1 August 2013, i.e.: The Olsztyn Science and Technology Park (OSTP). 

The Scientific Advisory Board, appointed by Olsztyn President, operated in the Park.

Main purposes:

- create the possibility of acquisition of the ability to compete on the global marketplace by companies,

- use human capital in the region for the development of smart specialisations,

- involve young people and children in the area of science, entrepreneurship, creativity.

Currently, 65 companies, being at a different stage of development and technological advancement, have their registered offices within the OSTP. These are primarily companies operating in the following industries: geo-IT, IT, biotechnology.

The Olsztyn Scientific and Technology Park (OSTP) is a place for companies and academic institutions, which stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technology between universities, research and development institutions, enterprises and market, supports the creation and development of innovative enterprises using incubation processes.


• Innovation Centre - two objects (B2 and B3) dedicated for companies that use the infrastructure and substantive support to grow their businesses through a partnership with science, and want to acquire skills to compete on foreign markets. 

• Business Incubator - (B1) a space for start-up companies, start-ups and those planning to establish own business (inter alia students, higher education graduates, employees of the academic sector) interested in the development of innovative products, services and technologies, for new companies, start-ups, especially new technology companies that can count on wide support for their development.

• Technology Transfer Centre - to two objects (L1 and L2), in which there are equipped laboratory spaces (chemical, molecular, technological) and non-equipped spaces for self-adaptation. 

• Centre for Propagation of Radio Waves in the Ionosphere - equipped with VSRC2C ionoprobe to monitor the ionosphere and space weather.

• Geomatic and Satellite Technology Centre – ultranew Multi-GNSS reference station (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS).

• Food laboratory for the youngest 

• Conference Centre - (OC building) a conference hall for 270 people, 21 different conference halls, exhibition space, modern AV equipment, mobile discussion system, video conferencing devices

• Restaurant (OC building) with a consumption hall for 100 people


The Olsztyn Science and Technology Park means:

• almost 14 000 m²

• 140 high-standard offices

• 20 modern laboratory units

• 22 fully-equipped, air-conditioned conference halls

• Terminal for charging electric vehicles

• Virtual office

• Restaurant